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bio remodelling  Profhilo james barrett cosmetic injector coolum beach sunshine coast qld melbourne victoria

Bio Remodelling

bio remodelling client consult  Profhilo james barrett cosmetic injector coolum beach sunshine coast QLD melbourne victoria

Bio Remodelling Injections is a multi-level two-part skin-boosting injectable treatment formulated to improve skin laxity, sagging skin and loss of fullness while providing intense hydration and re-contouring of the face or neck.


Introducing the ground-breaking, trailblazing hyaluronic acid moisturizing treatment that works beneath the surface of your skin. Developed with patented technology, this remarkable treatment delivers a distinctive injectable gel formulated with hyaluronic acid. What sets it apart is its ability to provide prolonged stimulation to your dermal cells.

How it works:


Once injected into the face, the hyaluronic acid spreads under the skin, immediately refreshing and plumping the skin. Over the next eight weeks, new collagen and elastin will be activated, tightening, and firming the skin to give you a more youthful look.

Results can be seen two weeks after the first injectable, with optimal results achieved from your first two-part treatment.


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