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About James Barrett

James is a well-known, experienced Cosmetic Injector within the Cosmetic Industry, with over a decade in cosmetic injectables and over two decades in the medical realms.

James has international experience, including being personally asked to join international Master Classes with some of the world's best Doctors and Plastic surgeons.

James's passion for cosmetic injectables started in 2010 when he saw a need for natural-looking results; with his keen eye for beauty, he could see a considerable demand for undetectable results that would lead his patients to look fresh at any age.

As time passed and the cosmetic industry exploded, his philosophy couldn't be more relevant than it is today. Trends will come and go, but fresh, natural-looking results will remain the beauty pioneer.

James started his career in Melbourne and is still in multiple skin clinics across Victoria.

James is a pioneer in his field. He has been asked to train fellow medical professionals, including Nurses, Doctors and Surgeons, in his unique techniques and treatment plans for the most natural-looking treatment outcomes available.

James is the best-kept secret name in the Celebrity world. James has provided many celebrities with fresh, undetectable results just as they like them, so no one knows. James also likes to keep his celebrity clients secret, as he stands by confidentiality, and he treats all of his clients the same way, celebrity or not.

James's leading clinic is located at Coolum Beach on the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Queensland, in collaboration with the multi-award-winning Cosmetic Clinic Chloe Regan Cosmetics, which has won the best cosmetic clinic in Queensland.

To find your nearest location, whether in Victoria or Queensland, click on the locations button below; also, feel free to check out the different treatment modalities available on the website or book at one of the locations for a free no, obligation consultation. 


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